North Korea Triggers a Response


North Korea has been wanting attention. Now, it seems like it will get some.
The President will speak to the nation about North Korea’s nuclear test at 9:45 a.m. this morning.
— Steve Clemons


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  1. anonimous says:

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  2. pauline says:

    A flashback from 4-3-02 —
    “US grants N Korea nuclear funds”


  3. Pissed Off American says:

    Heres how the S. Korea/N.Korea scene was shaping up before this asshole Bush blocked the sunshine.
    Thursday, 15 June, 2000
    World welcomes Korean sunshine
    “Expectations were running high in South Korea before President Kim Dae-jung left for his landmark summit in the North. Summit-fever had developed as the date for the first all-important handshake drew near. But in Korea and around the world, those hopes turned to astonishment as the full implications of the summit became clear. South Korean President Kim Dae-jung’s “sunshine policy” towards the North appeared finally to be bearing fruit.”


  4. km4 says:

    Bush: ‘Why should I care about North Korea?’ Woodward recalls in new book
    Absolutely the worst President and worst admin. in U.S. history


  5. Corinne says:

    Kim isn’t worried about the US; he’s more worried about China:
    “Kim Jong Il’s compulsion to demonstrate his missile prowess is a sign of his weakness. Contrary to popular perception in the United States, Kim doesn’t stay up at night worrying about what the Americans might do to him; it’s not North Korea’s weakness relative to the United States that preoccupies him. Rather, if he does stay up late worrying, it’s about China. He knows the Chinese have always had a greater interest in North Korea’s geography—with its additional outlets to the sea close to Russia—than they have in the long-term survival of his regime. (Like us, even as they want the regime to survive, the Chinese have plans for the northern half of the Korean peninsula that do not include the “Dear Leader.”) One of Kim’s main goals in so aggressively displaying North Korea’s missile capacity is to compel the United States to deal directly with him, thereby making his otherwise weakening state seem stronger. And the stronger Pyongyang appears to be, the better off it is in its crucial dealings with Beijing, which are what really matter to Kim.”
    Robert Kaplan
    “When North Korea Falls”
    The Atlantic Monthly, October 2006


  6. pauline says:

    According to Woodward, Prince Bandar, Ambassador from Saudi Arabia, and Executive Policy Advisor to Bush, wrote —
    “George W. pulled Bandar aside.
    “Bandar, I guess you’re the best asshole who knows about the world. Explain to me one thing.”
    “Governor, what is it?”
    “Why should I care about North Korea?”
    Bandar said he didn’t really know. It was one of the few countries that he did not work on for King Fahd.
    “I get these briefings on all parts of the world,” Bush said, “and everybody is talking to me about North Korea.”
    “I’ll tell you what, Governor,” Bandar said. “One reason should make you care about North Korea.”
    “All right, smart alek,” Bush said, “tell me.”
    “The 38,000 American troops right on the border.” …”If nothing else counts, this counts. One shot across the border and you lose half these people immediately. You lose 15,000 Americans in a chemical or biological or even regular attack. The United State of America is at war instantly.”
    “Hmmm,” Bush said. “I wish those assholes would put things just point-blank to me. I get half a book telling me about the history of North Korea.”
    “Now I tell you another answer to that. You don’t want to care about North Korea anymore?” Bandar asked. The Saudis wanted America to focus on the Middle East and not get drawn into a conflict in East Asia.
    “I didn’t say that,” Bush replied.
    “But if you don’t, you withdrawl those troops back. Then it becomes a local conflict. Then you have the whole time to decide, ‘Should I get involved? Not involved?’ Etc.”
    At that moment, Colin Powell approached.
    “Colin,” Bush said, “come here. Bandar and I were shooting the bull, just two fighter pilots shooting the bull.” He didn’t mention the topic.
    “Mr. Governor,” Bandar said, “General Powell is almost a fighter pilot. He can shoot the bull almost as good as us.”
    Bob Woodward, “State of Denial”, 2006
    p.s. also see DemocracyNow’s


  7. steve duncan says:

    What are there now, maybe 9 people that hang on Bush’s every word? He’s the falling tree in a deserted forest. Did you hear something? Me neither.


  8. NeilS says:

    What is the deal with China?
    Can anyone recommend a book or article that I can read so that I can understand China’s role in this?
    N Korea did this while the Japanese minister was visiting China, and at a time that Chinese-American relations were getting more attention.
    If China did not know it was going to happen then this is extraordinarily provocative on NK’s part. China could squash NK like a bug. I find the argument that China doesn’t want NK to implode because of a refugee proble unconvincing. It would be better than being jerked around by a near insane dicator. Talk about the tail wagging the dog!
    What gives?


  9. Marcia says:

    Any chance to monopolize the media with something other than Afghanistan, Iraq, or Foley
    must make it feel like Xmas in the WH, this time with a real nuke under the tree.
    Bush will read another speech, cooked up in the WH kitchen to make us really afraid, trembling little creatures that we are.
    In any normal job those “running the world” would have been allowed to spend more time with their families long ago.


  10. Frank says:

    The nuclear test by North Korea is another tragic and miserable failure of six years of “non-diplomacy” by this stunningly incompetent Bush administration. Japan and South Korea will not stay “nuclear passive” with this developement. Iran will watch closely the world’s response, and if enemic, will be even more emboldened to continue enrichment.
    Whatever happens next, nations who have the wherewithal, will review options in their nuclear portfolio. The worst of the worst has happened, for now the messianic muslim terrorists have a “guaranteed unconscionable” source to shop for muclear toys.
    Another blustering Bush lie will be unfolding with this developement. His past threats lay open like a festering wound, and like the “axis of evil” diplomatic blunder, it is tragically, “put up or shut up time” for this administration. The October surprise unfolds. The gamblers are stirring, and making bets as to what happens next is the new excitement. However it unfolds, it is a lose lose wager for world peace.


  11. kimchi flat says:

    First of all they should not have told Bush about this nuklur thing cause he’s just gonna screw it up more. Bush is gonna address the nation; bwahahaha!
    Second, all we need to do is send Bolton over there to yell and scream at those N. Koreans for them to know they are really, really in big trouble now!


  12. memekiller says:

    This is clearly a Bush Administration failure, that could easily be spun as “why we need him there” BS. I hope reasonable people do not let them spin this away, and drive home exactly how Bush is directly responsible for allowing a rogue state to develop nuclear weapons while he pursues contained countries, to turn them into failed, terrorists states.
    Number of nukes made under Clinton? Zero.


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