New York Notes: Air America Radio <em>Majority Report</em> Tonight


Great day in New York today, but very cold. Thanks to the TWN readers I met in Soho.
Tonight. . .8:34 p.m., on the dot. Air America Radio Majority Report‘s Janeane Garofalo and Sam Seder and I are going to ‘catch up’ in their studio.
Don’t know the topics, but Bolton Watch will no doubt be on the list.
Maybe Abramoff’s light 9-year sentence:

1 Count Conspiracy
1 Count Mail Fraud
1 Count Income Tax Evasion
Straight guilty plea with allocution.
25M in restitution plus IRS
108-135 months under 2003 guidelines, though court may order supervision afterwards and even ignore these guidelines.

More soon.
— Steve Clemons