Mitt Romney Out


CNN reports that Mitt Romney is suspending his campaign.
Now, will McCain pay tribute to him? Or kick his tail as he exits the stage? Watch for a McCain/Huckabee ticket now — and as consolation prize, perhaps Romney will get to be Ambassador to the Court of St. James if the GOP wins in November.
— Steve Clemons


4 comments on “Mitt Romney Out

  1. Linda says:

    Mr. M–
    I’m in Atlanta, and earlier this week U.S. District Court in DC took away our water. I want a President who remembers GA was the first to give him a big majority on Super Tuesday. All politics, after all, is local. Nobody is totally pure, and surely nobody who lobbies or runs campaigns. So, what’s your point? If Obama is nominated and elected and Alexrod ends up on his staff, then you worry that Obama immediately will meet behind closed doors with nuclar energy companies?


  2. Mr.Murder says:

    David Axelrod, nuclear lobbyist?
    You can drink Obama kool aid. Just don’t drink the water….


  3. Linda says:

    I am re-posting here what I did at the end of posting about Clinton’s being out of money because it also applies to what a bad investment Romney made on his own campaign. I was after one of the Morrow outbreaks, but it still applies:
    We are chosing a President to handle a big deficit–somebody who will be ready on day one to do that. In fact, how all the candidates run and manage their campaigns is one objective thing where we can compare their performance against one another. We all have to live within our incomes (or borrow too much), etc. So how are they all doing:
    1. Both McCain and Clinton have run out of money.
    A successful campaign doesn’t do that and plans and budgets effectively.
    2. Romney never had that problem, but I really don’t like candidates like him and Bloomberg who think they can buy the nomination. It should not be for sale for super rich.
    3. Obama’s “wealth” came from his first book for which he did not get many millions in advances as the Clintons did. And it was written better by him that either of theirs were. He doesn’t have enough to loan his campaign funds to continue. Also comparing the content of the books says a lot about how emotionally stable, center, and honest he is compared to Hillary.
    4. Ron Paul and Huckabee perform well on this measure too.
    3. Obama is not taking lobbyists’ money.
    4. David Axelrod appears to be much better than Mark Penn at running a campaign.
    So, while I was for Obama since he announced and may not be totally objective, in ways that I can compare all the candidates’ performance, he is way ahead of anybody else in either party.


  4. ron says:

    Consider the truth in this thought!
    Romney, even after dropping out, still has a better chance at being President than some of those still in the race now!… even McCain and Huckabee! Think hard about it!


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