McCain’s Boos Will Help Him in the General


John McCain is going to be the next GOP candidate for President — but today he was booed when speaking about his immigration views before CPAC.
But warning to progressives — mocking this may come back to haunt. McCain may suffer a bit if these supporters stay home in November — but his position really helps him with independent-minded Americans and some Dems who admire him in ways that are not connecting for them in the candidacies of either Clinton or Obama.
— Steve Clemons


10 comments on “McCain’s Boos Will Help Him in the General

  1. Lurker says:

    Again, why just open the southern border? Open America to EVERYONE.
    Then we’ll see how Americans feel about unfettered immigration and about paying through their teeth for it, while losing their jobs and benefits.
    I would love to see one of these latte-sipping *progressives* try to get emergency medical care in Los Angeles.
    No matter how rich you are, if you’re stuck in one of the many areas where the trauma centers/ emergency rooms have been shut-down because illegals use them as primary care, then you’re SCREWED.
    Many Mexicans are fleeing the corruption in Mexico for a better life in the U.S. — but then they do things like endorse the”reconquista/ ‘Si, si puede” movement demanding that California and the U.S. Southwest be given back to Mexico — the same damn government they are fleeing from.
    Steve, I know that illegal immigration most probably doesn’t affect you directly, but to MANY people in the country, as is evidenced by polls, including minorities, it is a huge issue. I would like your take on illegal immigration.
    Plus I’d like you to pay my taxes, and deal with the gang warfare that has made much of Los Angeles into a no-drive zone.
    Since the crack-down on cough medicine, the meth is coming from Mexico, and those gangs are vicious and do not care who they kill.
    Again there’s a USC study that was just published on L.A.’s gang problem, and again, the real worry is that L.A.’s gang culture is spreading across the nation.
    Of course, there are other factors involved beyond illegal immigration, but until there is some control, we will not be able to control the drug runners.
    And personally, why should I take off my shoes and be subjected to groping at the airport when any “terrorist” can walk across the border and do whatever the hell they want?


  2. Mr.Murder says:

    Sadly, No.
    Obama, for having less name recognition, has some pretty high measurable negatives. Those grow as people learn more about him. Thus he avoids debates.


  3. Carroll says:

    I don’t see how McCain can possibly appeal to anyone but the same neanderthals Bush appealed to..what % of the population is that?
    The dems will just have to turn out more voters in the general…probably Obama could turn out more than Hillary in independents cuase independents wouldn’t be independents if they liked the way either party was running this country and are probably ready for anything that is even slighty new or different.


  4. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Horseshit. Across the board, AMERICANS, both left and right, ARE OPPOSED TO ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. Any other premise is pure propaganda.


  5. Jim says:

    I agree. The kind of people who vote for personality (who are more than enough to tip an election) will feel a strong draw for McCain, and this and the ranting of the Limbaughs will just convince them in their (mistaken) instinct that McCain may be a Republican, but he’s not one of *those* Republicans. And no matter how many facts are pointed out about his desire for more war and his total lack of understanding contemporary geopolitics (to say nothing of his hard-rightism on domestic issues), those people will see him get off a good one liner on Letterman and Russert and think he’d make a great president.


  6. Stephen Daugherty says:

    The Republicans are no more trusted on the immigration front than Democrats. If McCain tries to rely on immigration as his appeal to independents, there’s likely to be a resounding thud when he hits the floor.


  7. Bob Morris says:

    McCain’s biggest problem may be Ron Paul taking his $25 million in contributions and running as a Libertarian.
    Paul ran as a Libertarian in ’98 and they’ve invited him to their upcoming convention in May.


  8. Steve Clemons says:

    Mr. M — you have my attention fully. i completely get how circular all this is. My thanks, steve


  9. Mr.Murder says:

    This is good news for Guiliani.
    Nobody could be in better position coming off a sound booing than Mitt Romney.
    This is an indication that Fredmentum is still surging to the front.
    Sorry about that Steve, it seems I got my talking points mixed up with some squirrel in a popcorn popper and they popped out in spin cycle mode.
    It may take a Friedman unit for McCain to recover, of which we can have two hundred Friedman units in the coming 100 years war for Iraq.
    McCain getting boos from Republicans is proof that the Democrats are divided.
    There, i’ve finally made sense of it all…


  10. p.lukasiak says:

    i don’t see McCain being helped by getting booed at CPAC. And, since his position on “amnesty” is no different from that of Hillary or Obama, I don’t see that being a factor either.
    What I do see being a factor is McCain caving into pressure from the far right on his own position — and his waffling on the issue during the GOP debates.


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