LIVE STREAM at 12:30pm EST: Michael Lind Asks “Whatever Happened to The Radical Center?”


michael_lind280x350.jpgOne of the privileges of working at a think-tank is the opportunity to soak up the intellectual energy that thrives at the crossroads of cutting edge research and policy-making.
Once a month the New America Foundation’s fellows and staff gather to hear a presentation from one of our colleagues on a subject related to his or her research.
This weeks’ featured speaker is New America Foundation/Economic Growth Program Policy Director and Whitehead Senior Fellow Michael Lind.
As anyone who has met Lind knows, he is remarkably fluent in a variety of subjects ranging from history to philosophy to economics to international relations.
Today’s presentation will seek to address the question “Whatever Happened to the Radical Center?”
Just yesterday in the New York Times, Sam Tanenhaus offered a major survey on the conceptual history of Michael Lind and Ted Halstead’s construct of a radical center in American politics.
The notion of the “radical center” was a founding idea behind the creation of the New America Foundation and the subject of Lind’s book (co-written with New America Foundation Founder Ted Halstead) The Radical Center: The Future of American Politics.
We normally do not publicize these events, but we are pleased to STREAM Lind’s presentation LIVE here at The Washington Note today at 12:30pm EST. (Please note that we will only be streaming Mike’s presentation – not the Q&A session that will follow.)
— Ben Katcher


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