Twitter and Steve Clemons


I keep getting lots of emails each day from folks asking me what my TWITTER address is as they can’t seem to find me by searching. I can find me by searching, so not sure what is happening.
In any case, here you go:

Note the two C’s. Perhaps this will make a google search for my Twitter address easier.
Onward and upward, and as John Bolton says, never surrender.
— Steve Clemons


3 comments on “Twitter and Steve Clemons

  1. Andy says:

    Hope mainland Chinese can use twitter asap. Social media should try to negotiate with Chinese gov. but not threaten to leave. It only puts themselves on the opposite of Chinese people,since Chinese people are very sensitive to the threaten from the west.


  2. Paul Norheim says:

    I suggest putting your twitter address on the TWN front page,
    perhaps in the upper left corner, under your photo.


  3. Linda says:

    I don’t tweet but have a better source for you to quote than John Bolton.
    Winston Churchill: “Never never never give up!”


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