You Could Have Lunch with Steve Clemons, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Nicholas Burns, John Nagl And More!


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Washington is all about networking. Attach yourself to someone famous and well-connected, book their flights, get them coffee, take the blame for their mistakes, write for their blog, etc. – and in exchange they introduce you to their friends, sign letters of recommendation that you write for yourself, and do you a favor or two.
Perhaps nothing proves the power of those favors more than Young Professionals in Foreign Policy, an impressive non-profit of nearly 5,000 members in four cities that organizes networking events, public service programs, and policy forums all for the purpose of “fostering the next generation of foreign policy leadership.”
Seriously, YPFP has become THE group for young foreign policy professionals in Washington. YPFP’s best, brightest, and most attractive men and women will be on display at YPFP’s “Affairs of State” 2nd Annual Date Auction and Concert this Friday, June 26 at 9 pm at the City Tavern Club.
Check out below the impressive list of foreign policy luminaries who have offered to participate in YPFP’s silent auction. You can submit your bid to have lunch with any of these people by filling out this form.
Ambassador Paul Bremer, former U.S. Presidential Envoy and Administrator in Iraq
The Honorable Harold Brown, 14th Secretary of Defense
The Honorable Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security Advisor
Elizabeth Bumiller, National Affairs Correspondent for the New York Times
The Honorable R. Nicholas Burns, former Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, U.S. Department of State
Steve Clemons, Publisher, The Washington Note, and director of the American Strategy Program, New America Foundation
Steve Coll, President and CEO of New America Foundation, and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and writer
The Honorable Paula Dobriansky, Former Under Secretary of State for Democracy and Global Affairs, U.S. Department of State, and Former Special Envoy to Northern Ireland
The Honorable Lee Hamilton, President, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, and former Vice-Chair of the 9/11 Commission
Jennifer Hillman, Senior Transatlantic Fellow at the German Marshall Fund, and former Commissioner on the U.S. International Trade Commission
The Honorable Carla A. Hills, former U.S. Trade Representative, and Chairman and CEO of Hills & Co.
The Honorable John Hamre, President, Center for Strategic and International Studies, and former Deputy Secretary of Defense
Lieutenant General Patrick M. Hughes, former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, and Vice President of Intelligence & Counterterrorism, L-3 Communications Corporation
The Honorable Mary Beth Long, Former Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs
Dr. John Nagl, President, The Center for a New American Security
Richard Perle, former Chairman of the U.S. Defense Policy Board
The Honorable Thomas R. Pickering, former U.S. Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs
Dr. Paul Pillar, former National Intelligence Officer for the Near East and South Asia
John Prendergast, co-founder of The Enough Project
Tom Ricks, contributing editor of Foreign Policy Magazine & bestselling author of Fiasco
Dr. Stephen Walt, Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government
Senator John Warner, retired Senator from Virginia, and former Chairman, Committee on Armed Services
General Anthony C. Zinni, former Commander in Chief of U.S. CENTCOM, former Presidential Envoy, and Chairman and Acting President & CEO of BAE Systems
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— Ben Katcher


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