Another Day to Vote. . .


Well, I’m not losing real badly — but not winning either. I might make a big push on Monday to pull in a couple of thousand votes — but if you want to help by sending your ten or twenty or hundred best friends to vote for The Washington Note, we’d be quite pleased.
Feel free to click here at this link to vote for TWN as the best “very large blog” in the 2008 Weblog awards.
I saw Andrew Sullivan at the gym tonight — and I figure he has the “best blog” category pretty much in his pocket for the year. Congrats Andrew.
Many thanks in advance!
— Steve Clemons


13 comments on “Another Day to Vote. . .

  1. Art Levine says:

    Isn’t there a “best foreign policy” blog that you could be guaranteed to win, a slam-dunk, in addition to competing in the best “very large” blog?


  2. MrMurder says:

    Jesus’ General is a blog treasure. He is the snarkiest thing going. He uses reverse spin to highlight hypocrisy(spell?).


  3. MrMurder says:

    Two words for Sully:
    Nuremberg Precedent
    People are giving that fool an award? HE SOLD HIS SOUL ALREADY!


  4. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Does “Joe the Plumber” remind anyone else of “Jeff Gannon”? I swear, those two could be twins.


  5. karenk says:

    I checked out the blog “Jesus General” which is currently in the lead (which btw pandered like crazy for votes) It seems to be a blog about nothing. Or at least I couldn’t figure it out. Joe the Plumber had a post on it..nuf said.


  6. Ty Lookwell says:

    Steve, you’ve shamed me: sorry for the dick comment. Good luck to you in your next marathon (and you just got my vote)


  7. JamesL says:

    My only consolation is the thought that money buys votes, and a large purchase must be underway. The thought that these poll actually reflect the sentiments of the American populace is the scariest thing of all. Some of the major contenders I had never heard of, so I read them. Disgusting, morally and intellectually, often vacuous, and too often breathtakingly narrow.


  8. ... says:

    ty – for an example of begging go visit some of the websites in the lead.. they suck but they are promoting the shit out of this event in an attempt to get more recognition, hammering away at it non stop and making it a top priority..steve isn’t actually doing this! unfortunately this isn’t about the best weblog but is really a popularity contest only… i think it is a stupid way to pick the winner myself…


  9. Steve Clemons says:

    Thanks for the counsel Ty Lookwell — but gonna see this through. Remind me not to invite you to any last mile of a marathon I run. best, steve


  10. Ty Lookwell says:

    Wow, this is embarrassing. Stop begging for votes for a pointless blog award, Jesus Christ. And do some more work on your abs and obliques.


  11. Pauline in UK says:

    Andrew Sullivan winning? Really? After his nonsensical hysteria over Trig Palin, and seeing him screeching at Naomi Klein on a television talk show, I’ve deleted his blog from my bookmarks, never to be visited again. If it’s not you it should be Josh Marshall.


  12. easy e says:

    I’ve already voted for TWN. Awards are great.
    Now back to the real world. The world is protesting the massacre in Gaza. Where is the outrage in the U.S.?


  13. CathiefromCanada says:

    Its too bad — I would love to vote for you, but this year none of the polls will load for me — all I get is a gray box and sometimes I see a message saying the poll is loading, but it never does.
    I emailed the website about this, but I guess they haven’t fixed it.
    Anyway, best of luck.


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