Anne Kornblut, Clemons, Chuck Todd & Savannah Guthrie Discuss DC Blame Game: Who Lost Egypt?


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Chuck Todd & Savannah Guthrie had Washington Post White House correspondent Anne Kornblut and me on The Daily Rundown yesterday — and I thought we had a good chat about the trends in US policy posture on Egypt.
Anne Kornblut, who wrote a best-selling book about what it would take for a woman to break the glass ceiling and capture the presidency, asked me as we were leaving if I was breaking the glass ceiling of a man becoming White House social secretary. I certainly won’t be the dude who controls the party lists and keeps the Salahis at bay — but rumor is that there are two finalists for the post: a man and a woman.
— Steve Clemons


3 comments on “Anne Kornblut, Clemons, Chuck Todd & Savannah Guthrie Discuss DC Blame Game: Who Lost Egypt?

  1. Dan Kervick says:

    Obama just seems to have this sad habit of standing in the middle of every road, sucking his thumb, waiting for events to take shape around him, so that he doesn’t have to decide what to do.


  2. JamesL says:

    Obama had his opportunity and it ended on Friday after several long days of near silence, gone now, can’t get it back. To retain any semblence of being a leader, he needed to make this statement about a change in Egypt’s leadership: “The longer it is put off, the more likely we are to get an Egypt we wouldn’t welcome.” But it was British Prime Minister David Cameron who said that, and Obama, if he ever manages to recognize it as strue, will always be second. Obama’s general strategy appears to negotiate by giving away key points and then not quite ever wading in. The depleted-from-the-start health care immediately comes to mind.


  3. PissedOffAmerican says:

    “Who Lost Egypt?”
    No one.
    Egypt isn’t lost.
    As soon as the fresh lipstick is applied, it’ll go right on oinking just as loud as it was before.


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