To the Point: 10 Days of Protests, Disruption, Continued Uncertainty


On Thursday afternoon, I participated in a very good discussion — though my comments are near the end of the hour — with To the Point‘s Warren Olney about the continuing drama in Egypt and how the White House policy response has evolved.
Olney brought a great group on to discuss issues, including Michael Peel, Middle East Correspondent, Financial Times; Jehan Reda; Professor of Islamic Art and Architecture, American University in Cairo; Tarek, Resident of Cairo; Mohammed el-Nawawy, Professor of Communication at Queens University, Tarek Masoud: Professor of Public Policy, Harvard University; and Steve Clemons, Founder and Sr Fellow/American Strategy Program, New America Foundation and publisher, The Washington Note.
— Steve Clemons


One comment on “To the Point: 10 Days of Protests, Disruption, Continued Uncertainty

  1. Cee says:

    One certainty is the use of people as pawns. Even forcing them to act as suicide bombers in Iraq.
    I recall one reporter mentioning the following on MSNBC.
    This is very had to read:
    In exchange for the equivalent of a few euros, poor seasonal workers have taken part in street fighting in Cairo on the side of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. The thugs, who fight with iron bars, knives and clubs, have been recruited by privileged members of the regime, including party officials, security forces and rich business people with lucrative state contracts.,1518,743537,00.html


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