America’s Unpaid for Wars



Every once in a while, prominent people say things they don’t think will be heard. Apparently, President Obama went off on the Republicans, John Boehner and Paul Ryan when a mic was open that he didn’t know about. I actually think Obama’s comments were juicy and terrific — mostly on the mark and sincere.

High Stakes Flirting with Debt Ceiling Caps: Add a Zero to the Last House-Induced Plunge



Some time before July 8th, there will be a vote in Congress on raising the federal debt ceiling. Many Americans think that if you just cap the debt ceiling, the American government will be forced to stop stacking up debts.

Comments Restored


The decibel level of vulgarity and character assassination on the blog seem to have subsided. Let’s not go down that road again — at all. I am turning off the controls monitoring comments for the time being. I hope that great debates, civilly deployed, now take shape here.

Soros: Fundamental Problems in US Economy Remain Unresolved



Philanthropist and complex systems theorist George Soros shared his views on “The Emerging Economic and Political Order: What Lies Ahead?” at the recent, much reported on major economic policy conference at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire sponsored by the Institute for New Economic Thinking.

If Dick Cheney Thinks Assault Clips are a Problem. . .



After the horrific shooting tragedy in Tucson in January of this year, many folks across the political spectrum began asking whether the ease of access that people have to assault weapons capacity — or the ease of circumventing background checks by buying weapons at gun shows — was where it should be.