DAS Michael Corbin at New America for TPM Roundtable


Steve Clemons hosted Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Michael Corbin on Wednesday as part of a regular Talking Points Memo Policy Roundtable series at the New America Foundation for a fascinating off-the-record roundtable on Iraq and the future of the Middle East.

Responding to China’s Year of the Tiger



Australian Prime Minster Julia Gillard met with her Japanese counterpart, Naoto Kan, in Tokyo last Thursday. In addition to expressing her heartfelt support for the Japanese people after the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis, Ms. Gillard pledged to move “forward a vision for bilateral security and defense co-operation” with Japan. Mr. Kan agreed. Today, Ms….

An Oped Co-written by Obama & UAE Crown Prince Mohammed?



President Obama’s recently co-written oped, done with French President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister David Cameron, asserted Transatlantic concerns about affairs in Libya — and intentionally or not, proclaimed ownership of the conflict.