DAS Michael Corbin at New America for TPM Roundtable


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Steve Clemons hosted Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Michael Corbin on Wednesday as part of a regular Talking Points Memo Policy Roundtable series at the New America Foundation for a fascinating off-the-record roundtable on Iraq and the future of the Middle East.
As revolution and uncertainty continue to reshape the Middle East and north Africa, the static map of the region has transformed into an new dynamic reality. Many questions remain about America’s future role in the region, and especially in Iraq.
DAS Corbin’s address covered a wide range of topics, but focused on Iraq’s efforts to foster a new set of relations in the region. If there’s anything to take away from this, some felt that the US is now in a position to make a significant positive contribution to the future of Iraq and the Middle East. But that contribution will take time, money, and patience–reducing support could be short-sighted at this important juncture.
— Jordan D’Amato


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