Dean Baker Gut Punches the Ryan Medicare Plan



It’s a pdf — and it’s really wonky — but the tenacious numbers cruncher Dean Baker, has written up a serious study of the economic impact of House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s plans for Medicare. The CEPR paper, titled “The Ryan Medicare Plan: Winners and Losers” was co-written by Dean Baker and David Rosnick….

Bretton Woods: The View from My Window



(The White Mountains on a Snowy Day Taken From a room in the Omni Mt. Washington Resort; photo credit: Steve Clemons; click image above for very large version) I’m up communing with the spirit of John Maynard Keynes at the Mt. Washington Resort where he and others established the framework for the International Monetary Fund….

Crime Against All of Palestine: Khamis Assassinated



Just heard terrible news that a popular Arab-Israeli actor and ‘healthy civil society’ activist has been assassinated allegedly by Palestinian militants in Jenin on the West Bank. Juliano Mer Khamis, director of Arna’s Children and founder of Jenin’s Freedom Theater was killed today.

Canada-US Policy Inukshuk (Oscar) Awards: And the Winner Is. . .



The Canadians know have to have fun. Thursday evening, the Embassy threw its own stylized night of Oscar-like, red carpet strolling, high drama award-giving for some of Washington’s policy and political elite who embrace rather than poke fun at the maple leaf and all that entails.