Dick Cheney Feeling Pretty Good Tonight


(photo credit: Valerie Clemens, former Miss Maine; click image for larger version) Tonight at a gathering of “The New Republican Majority”, approximately 15 Miss America contestants from around the nation sang the national anthem before 2,000 Republican devotees.

Could There be a Useful Nuclear Allergy Evolving in Iran?



Today an interesting new “Iran Strategy Task Force” was launched jointly by the Progressive Policy Institute and Freedom House. The focus of the task force will be to increase the spotlight on Iran’s dismal human rights record and to raise awareness about Iran’s conventional weapons capacity and over-its-border misdeeds supporting non-state terror movements.

Obama Moved at Warp Speed on Libya



Recently at a dinner hosted by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, former National Security Adviser to two US Presidents Brent Scowcroft stated in response to a question about what Barack Obama should do given the tumult in the Middle East, “President Obama should slow things down, move slowly, cautiously and not get swept into the emotional…

Libya: Illusions and Delusions



This is a guest note by Harlan Ullman, Chairman of the Killowen Group that advises leaders of government and business as well as Senior Advisor to the Atlantic Council. ILLUSIONS AND DELUSIONS OF WAR Wars too often are created by illusions and delusions. This is what is happening in Libya.

LIVE STREAM at Noon: From the Frontlines of an Arab Revolution with Al Jazeera’s Ayman Mohyeldin



Tune in TODAY at noon for a discussion between New America Foundation/American Strategy Program senior fellow Steve Clemons and Ayman Mohyeldin, the Cairo-based Middle East correspondent for Al-Jazeera English.