Dick Cheney Feeling Pretty Good Tonight


Richard Cheney Miss America Contestants.jpg
(photo credit: Valerie Clemens, former Miss Maine; click image for larger version)
Tonight at a gathering of “The New Republican Majority”, approximately 15 Miss America contestants from around the nation sang the national anthem before 2,000 Republican devotees.
As a special treat, they were ushered in to a green room to meet former Vice President Cheney, who looks pretty trim, fit, and has his trademark grin going.
What I am really envious of though is not the bit hanging out with the former Vice President, but rather that these ladies got to go in the US Senate cloak room (probably the Republican one) today. I used to stare at the cloak room curtains that separated those of us working on the floor of the Senate from the very special, sacrosanct Chamber that only US Senators got to enter (or then in the 1990s, former Senators as well).
In any case, Dick Cheney looked positively cheerful tonight.
— Steve Clemons