Moment with Richard Holbrooke and Hillary Clinton


With permission, TWN is posting below this intriguing picture of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and then Special Representatives for Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke taken by Antoine Sanfuentes, Washington Bureau Chief of NBC. Sanfuentes offers some context below the picture. I snapped a shot of it with my iPhone which is why there is some light in it that is not in the original.
During recent commentary for NBC and MSNBC, I saw this intriguing photo tacked on the inside of a column near the coffee machine on the first floor. It’s all alone. Nothing else in MSNBC is posted this way — very compelling, unadorned, just powerful and uncontrived. Only a tack is holding it up. I miss Richard Holbrooke and this picture that captures both accomplishment and the storms of his character had to be seen by others.Thanks to Antoine Sanfuentes for allowing us to post it.

— Steve Clemons
Holbrooke Clinton Sanfuentes.JPG
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Picture of Hillary Clinton & Richard Holbrooke
Dear Steve,
That image was captured as part of my day long chronicling of NBC’s “Inside The Obama White House.” I was positioned just outside of the Oval Office in the main hallway…in an instant Secretary Clinton with Ambassador Holbrooke in tow appeared moving at a fast clip.
Anyone who appreciates the beauty of the Leica also knows its like shooting with a musket. In many ways seeing these two foreign policy heavy weights and knowing what we know re the dynamics of their relationship makes this image even more appropriate.
Antoine Sanfuentes


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  1. questions says:

    Oops, JAMES Heckman…..
    Worth reading the paper.


  2. questions says:

    This thread has been empty for a while, so I’m commandeering it unless there are stern objections from the proprietor.
    This paper is important:
    H/t Kevin Drum and before that, Jonathan Bernstein. Sometimes it takes a while to find things.
    Peter Heckman on early childhood education and the fact that in general, where you are at age 3 is where you’ll stay, and where you are at age 3 is correlated very very strongly with the level of education your mother attained.
    The ties seem to be in socialization, deferral of gratification, and the kinds of things we expect from 3 year olds. You have the patience, listening skills, vocabulary, confidence, security, and emotional stability of a well-educated mother by age 3 and you’ll go far, kid.
    This may well be the mechanism for the stability of economic classes.
    By age 3 it’s pretty much set up.
    So where do you put the money? Michelle Rhee’s test answer erasure company? Her duct tape on the mouth act? (google it) A computer on every desk? No child left untested? Charter schools? No teacher left unevaluated?
    Or do you do what we all know needs to happen? Ultra early childhood intervention with vocabulary, parenting support, patience, toys and books, richness of environment from the get go.
    It’s a lot cheaper to fix the littlest kids than it is to lock them up as teens or twenty-somethings.
    Here’s the Kevin Drum short version:
    (Note a really great post I put up far far down, on domestic issues and Michelle Rhee. I left off the other, one-l Michele! Where is Ogden Nash when you need him. And what’s a three-l Michellle?)


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