NATO and Libya



US Ambassador to NATO Ivo Daalder just gave an on-the-record State Department conference call readout of NATO meetings on Libya and what capacity NATO might have on hand for various contingencies there. I tried but failed to get a question in, and the subject I would have raised was not covered in the call.

It’s the Investment Deficit, Stupid



Fareed Zakaria has a piece in this morning’s Washington Post titled “America’s Grim Budget Outlook.” But his argument is less about budget cutting than the investment deficit America’s future faces compared with other periods of its history.

Sam Arora Disappears a Tweet on Gay Marriage: Supporters in Uproar



Maryland is wrestling with marriage equality legislation right now, and Maryland Delegate Sam Arora of Montgomery County — someone I thought was on track to be one of the new, great, young progressive leaders of the nation has just screwed over his constituents, including many in the gay community from whom he raised a lot…