Guest Post by Anya Landau French: In The Washington Post – Why U.S. Policy Isn’t Affecting Cuba



(Photo by Anya Landau French, of a Havana art fair where private Cuban entrepreneurs can earn hard currency income selling to foreign tourists) Anya Landau French directs the New America Foundation/U.S.-Cuba Policy Initiative.This post originally appeared at The Havana Note.

It’s Not about Islam & Judaism, It’s About Anti-Colonialism, Territory, Liberation, and Lives



This is a guest note by journalist and Middle East and Islamic issues expert Nir Rosen. On Sunday, February 28th the New York Times published an outrageous oped by Efraim Karsh full of lies, distortions and mistakes. Karsh describes the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as an urgent foreign policy matter for the United States.

Eric Massa, Joe Lieberman, and Keith Ellison



I am not a single issue guy — and despite my differences with Senator Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) on health care and his general applause for the next and next next wars America chooses, he did a great thing by introducing legislation today to repeal the embedded bigotry in our national military forces of Don’t Ask…

Guest Post by Tom Garofalo: With Allies Like This…



(Photo Credit: Stewf’s Photostream) This post, which originally appeared at The Havana Note, is a guest note by Tom Garofalo, a consultant for the New America Foundation/U.S-Cuba Policy Initiative. Israel’s controversial Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman suggested a not-so-novel approach to the problem of Iran’s nuclear ambitions recently.

Ottawa, DC & Mexico City: North America’s New Axis of Gay Marriage?



(An anti-gay, anti-Dem mailer from 2004 election that TWN first publicized) My occasional blogging heads partner David Frum may have coined the “Axis of Evil” for George Bush to have an easy way to denigrate Iran, Iraq and North Korea — and thus undermining the possibility of a strategic pivot then in US-Iran relations, but…

Popping the Washington Post’s Rahm Bubble



Former Washington Post “White House Watch” maven and current DC Huffington Post Bureau Chief Dan Froomkin powerfully deconstructs and pops the Rahm Emanuel bubble that the Washington Post has been puffing up. The first puff came in a widely read Dana Milbank column.