Fly American – Unless You Know Better: Geopolitical Humor for the Oscar’s



This is a guest note by Parag Khanna, a Senior Research Fellow at the New America Foundation and author of The Second World: How Emerging Powers are Redefining Global Competition in the 21st Century (Random House, 2009).

Obama/Emanuel Blunder on KSM Trial



The defining personality of the George W. Bush administration was his Vice President, Dick Cheney. And the man who enabled Cheney and built out the architecture of “the dark side” of a nightmarish purgatory beyond American or international law was his chief of staff David Addington.

No Green Economy Without a Serious US Manufacturing Policy



I just did this interesting interview with media investor Leo Hindery who also chairs the Economic Growth/Smart Globalization Initiative at the New America Foundation. Hindery spoke yesterday at a forum sponsored by the Center for American Progress and Apollo Alliance titled “”Picking a Winner: How to Make the U.S.

Armenian Genocide Resolution Passes Committee; Turkey Recalls Ambassador



(Photo Credit: Ucumari’s Photostream) Turkey – a country that President Obama visited on his first overseas tour and referred to as a nation with which the United States enjoys a “model partnership” has recalled its Ambassador to Washington Namik Tan after the House Foreign Affairs Committee passed House Resolution 252 labeling Turkey’s massacre of Armenian…