Ottawa, DC & Mexico City: North America’s New Axis of Gay Marriage?


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(An anti-gay, anti-Dem mailer from 2004 election that TWN first publicized)
My occasional blogging heads partner David Frum may have coined the “Axis of Evil” for George Bush to have an easy way to denigrate Iran, Iraq and North Korea — and thus undermining the possibility of a strategic pivot then in US-Iran relations, but how about an “Axis of Love” given what is happening this week in Washington, DC and Mexico City.
Ottawa has been way ahead on such NAFTA-respecting possibilities.*
Both Washington, DC and Mexico City — each the capital cities of their respective nations — will allow same sex marriages to start this week, on succeeding days.
This is progress and great news. I can’t remember the last time that some abusive legal provision or pet peeve of a Member of Congress wasn’t deployed to prevent progress in the District of Columbia. I refused to celebrate the possibility that same sex marriage might in fact happen – until it happened.
But remarkably, we seem to be there — and so to in Mexico City, which I now plan to visit much more often. I already go to Ottawa a lot.
I want to commend David Brooks for his New York Times piece long ago and for joining other conservatives such as Andrew Sullivan, David Boaz, Jonathan Rauch, James Pinkerton and others for calling for an end to bigotry on the right. In retrospect, Brooks’ work and the writing of these others did make a difference.
— Steve Clemons
(* Note that I originally noted that same sex marriages were not allowed in Ottawa. This was in error. Not sure why I made this mistake as I once considered going to Canada for such a marriage. Count it a jet lag issue. Thanks for those who sent corrective notes and for your patience!)


13 comments on “Ottawa, DC & Mexico City: North America’s New Axis of Gay Marriage?

  1. David says:

    A straight-guy toast held high to Ottawa, Mexico City, and Washington, DC, and to gays everywhere. Let freedom for Christ’s sake ring.


  2. DakotabornKansan says:

    Last week, Bill Moyers spoke with Ted Olson and David Boies about their legal challenge to California’s ban on same-sex marriages on behalf of two same sex couples – two men, two women – each of whom had been denied the right to marry.
    The responses on Moyers’ blog are a microcosm of what they are up against – the portrayal of same sex marriage as a moral crisis of biblical proportions.
    Commendations to former adversaries, conservative Ted Olson and liberal David Boies for their support of our core American values, diversity, equality and tolerance, in one of the most important civil rights trials of the last decade.
    Speaking of Canada, they have had similar struggles. Their Conservative leadership apparently did everything in their power to obstruct and delay passage of their government’s equal marriage bill.
    And hypocrisies…Dan Savage recently wrote about Vic Toews of Canada’s extreme right-wing party and Canada’s unofficial “Minister of Family Values.” Toews “doesn’t like gays—surprise!—because we’re a threat to the family and the institution of marriage. You know where this is going, right? It turned out that Toews—who once warned that gay marriage could lead to polygamy—was cheating on his wife of 25 years. After getting a much younger woman pregnant, he wound up getting divorced. Another marriage destroyed not by gays…but by another straight “Christian” politician… a politician who scares up votes attacking the private lives of others, a politician who insists that other people are out to destroy his marriage, can’t be allowed to hide behind “my private business!” when it turns out that the only threat to the politician’s marriage was the politician’s…”


  3. Jackie says:

    Bravo DC and Mexico City. I never thought I would see the day and I couldn’t be happier for you.


  4. ... says:

    we get a few things right, but with the bonehead in power at present, don’t count on much here on out for a while…


  5. Ross Sharp (Brisbane, Australia) says:

    Bravo. Common sense in action, what a novel concept.
    Would that some of the thumping halfwits down under gather their marbles and do the same here.


  6. Steve Clemons says:

    Paul — I’m the idiot today. Of course Canada does. Was not thinking and noted this a bove. Thanks for the note.
    David Boaz – thanks for your note, but I appreciate your leadership on this even if misdescribed.
    best, steve


  7. ... says:

    we have an idiot running canada right now… at least that is what i call someone who wants to be like bush 2… don’t wait for canada, as the other potential leader of the liberals is almost as bad… canucks are screwed for the next little while as the next leader will probably be one of these 2 losers too…


  8. samuelburke says:

    I was wondering who prof Walt was referring to when he posted his document on the doors of wittenburg.


  9. David Boaz says:

    It’s nice to be appreciated, but I’m not a conservative. I tip my hat to actual conservatives who have tried to make conservatism more modern and tolerant.


  10. samuelburke says:

    cui bono?
    Chas Freeman: This time apartheid has western complicity.
    “Impolitic as it is to mention this, in rejecting the analogy with apartheid in South Africa, the Washington Post’s Richard Cohen is not only denying realities on the ground in Palestine but also the principal and most awkward difference between the two cases. South Africa’s whites did not have a dedicated cadre of coreligionists or ethnic kin abroad who labored to protect them from the consequences of their deviance from the norms of humane behavior as defined by Western civilization at large. Nor, despite open sympathy for South African whites in the American South and among ardent anti-Communists, did apartheid enjoy international ideological support outside the neo-Nazi fringe. Israel’s policies are supported morally, politically, and financially by large Jewish communities and a vocal minority of Christians abroad, especially in North America, which is where global power remains concentrated. Without that support and those subsidies, Israel manifestly could not act as it does. The dependence of South Africa on external factors was far less direct or clear.
    These differences between South Africa and Israel seem to me to be crucial both morally and politically. Cohen is clearly in denial not only about the realities of the Israel-Palestine situation but more importantly about the moral question raised by his support and that of so many other Jews who identify with Israel not just for the existence of Israel but for for whatever it does: is Israeli pseudo-apartheid entitled to and does it enjoy the approval and support of world Jewry regardless of how inhumane it is to others? If the answer to either question is yes, it follows that the Jewish Diaspora and its Christian camp followers are as responsible as Israel itself for the Jewish state’s increasingly blatant racist outrages against Palestinians and other Arabs. The corollary to that is that the Diaspora has a responsibility to prevent actions by the state of Israel that threaten the moral standing of Jews outside as well as within Israel. (The Christian Zionist element is relatively immune to such discredit.)”


  11. Paul says:

    Steve, Same-sex marriage has been legal in Ottawa for more than four years now. Washington, DC and Mexico City are catching up.


  12. Mr.Murder says:

    Granted, we don’t have it on the books, but people do find the lifestyle. It shouldn’t be limited to urban enclaves or in uncommon cases of understanding and tolerance.


  13. Mr.Murder says:

    Well, Arkansas is already like that. That might be scarier than the mailer, to some folk here….
    AP – President Barack Obama urged Congress Wednesday to vote “up or down” on sweeping health care legislation in the next few weeks, endorsing a plan that denies Senate Republicans the right to kill the bill by stalling with a filibuster.


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