G-20 Assessment: Good For the Developing World, Stimulus Not Addressed



This post on the G-20 was originally published on the New American Contract blog, Value Added: After watching Gordon Brown on the live webcast of the London G-20 Summit, it appears that leaders have made some serious headway on one of the two major criteria laid out by Martin Wolf at the New America Foundation…

Guest Post by Patrick Doherty: House Unveils Travel Bill, Lugar Calls for Talks, Menendez Sulks



Reps. Delahunt, Flake, and McGovern (photo credit: The Washington Post) Patrick Doherty directs the U.S.-Cuba 21st Century Policy Initiative at the New America Foundation/American Strategy Program. It’s been a bad few weeks for Senator Menendez. First Senator Lugar releases a report calling for a sea change in U.S.-Cuba relations.

Interview with Martin Wolf on What We Should Expect from G-20 but Won’t Get



Barack Obama and G-20 leaders will probably emerge from the sessions that start today with (1) commitments on international financial regulatory reform, (2) non-binding commitments to various (mostly modest) stimulus strategies within their own economies, (3) a commitment to significantly enhance the resources of the International Monetary Fund and (4) a joint commitment to “resist…

C-Span Washington Journal Wednesday



Greetings to TWN readers. I apologize for being a bit AWOL in last few days as I’ve been absorbing a flood of information on President Obama’s Afghanistan-Pakistan strategy and very involved in some of the back end efforts trying to affect the agenda of the G-20 Summit in London.

Guest Post by Michael Cohen: The Trouble with Counter-Insurgency



(Photo Credit: Army.mil’s photosream) Michael Cohen co-directs the New America Foundation/Privatization of Foreign Policy Initiative. As I’ve written before, I’m not much of a fan of counter-insurgency doctrine and two events over the past several days lend compelling evidence as to why. Quite simply, it’s the politics, stupid.

Guest Post by Katherine Tiedemann: Leaving Waziristan



Katherine Tiedemann is a program associate at the New America Foundation/American Strategy Program. President Obama has shown his willingness to continue President Bush’s method for combating militancy on the Pakistani side of the Afghan/Pakistan border, ordering CIA-piloted QM-1 Predator drones to strike militant targets in Pakistan approximately once a week since he took office.

Obama Needs to Show the World that America Can Re-Invent to be the “Google of Nations”



Visit msnbc.com for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy I spoke with MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann on Countdown yesterday evening about Obama’s popularity as he goes into a set of meetings in Europe with world leaders. I’ll be writing more on this later today.