2008 Weblog Awards: Mission Accomplished!


Well, in the 2008 Weblog Awards Category for Very Large Blogs, The Washington Note has seen a huge surge.
And with that surge, we are declaring success — in a Bush administration sort of way. In fact, TWN declares victory. . .not the kind which we actually won but the sort in which we fought a good day.
Either Jesus General or Bitch PhD will probably win when the polls close at 5. Congrats to both for a good race, but watch out next year.
Bottom line is I have to remain engaged with the Hillary Clinton hearings — and need to get back to real work.
Thanks to all for the SURGE.
More soon.
— Steve Clemons


17 comments on “2008 Weblog Awards: Mission Accomplished!

  1. Koren says:

    Steve, is it really wise to use “success” and “Bush administration” in the same sentence? You might want to consider using a different photo for this post. That “mission accomplished” bit makes me think of a colossal failure every time and your work is nothing of the sort!
    Love you work.


  2. Bil says:

    Writeon varanasi, I think Steve needs an intern to monitor the
    OTHER sites so that he can WIN next year. Beating BitchPhD would
    be a snap, Jesus General not so easy. The General is a real man and
    follower of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Hypatia Christ. I am sure
    that Steve can find a way around this.
    Tell POA to suck it, that’s hip and equally tiresome.


  3. varanasi says:

    c’mon POA.
    clearly steve has built a reputable blog here, although your delusions of grandeur about washington’s upper echelons of power reading your posts does seem more than a bit sad and pathetic to me.
    i do however, take exception with steve for not having someone (an intern perhaps) monitor the comment threads. too often they devolve into shouting matches with you leading the way.
    further, i think that your quest to “out” contributors as being “fake” is asinine. seriously, dude, your posts claiming that the “hasbara” has targeted and invaded TWN are paranoid to the extreme.
    and your claim that i am not an indian because i use modern english slang is insulting, and… idiotic.


  4. carol says:

    Mission is accomplished now that Bush is leaving and what a legacy and total mess he is leaving behind….sorry about the spelling in the first post!!!


  5. carol says:

    Mission is accomplished now that Bush is leaving and what a legacy and total messetazv he is leaving behind!!!


  6. WigWag says:

    Steve Clemons, I read your foreignpolicy.com column on Hillary Clinton’s testimony at her confirmation hearings today. I watched the hearing gavel to gavel and with all due respect, I think you’re crazy.
    Your now oft-repeated theme that Hillary Clinton is giving herself a makeover is contradicted by everything she said. While I liked her remarks, they were entirely predictable. There was no makeover in sight.
    You say “first, Clinton telegraphed competence and a facility with the details…”
    Competence has always been Hillary’s strong suit; the idea that competence is a recently found characteristic for her is disproven by her extremely effective career as First Lady and two term Senator.
    You say, “second, she embraced a fundamental realism in her approach to global deal-making, shrugging off ideology…” The idea that Mrs. Clinton is idelogogically driven has always been a canard mostly parroted by her Republican opponents. And I know you can’t get the term “realism” out of your head, but when it comes to foreign policy, Mrs. Clinton is not a “realist.”
    Finally, you say “third, Clinton managed to avoid over-prescribing exactly what President-elect Barack Obama’s foreign policy would be comprised of.” Okay, but so what?
    These three items are your evidence that Hillary is reinventing herself? You think this proves that Hillary is about to enter her “Kissinger phase?”
    Geez, Steve!
    Will Bower, if you’re out there in cyber-space somewhere, please come to Steve’s rescue!
    (I’m still glad I voted for you 4 times for best very large blog though)


  7. Spunkmeyer says:

    Yes, I’m entirely certain this will be the death of your career. I’m
    sure Rachel Maddow is crossing you off her guest list as I write


  8. JamesL says:

    I just have to say that there are worse people by far to lose to than Jesus General. Bitch Fud for example. I think you can justly accept that you are the most coherent, perceptive, and neutral of the finalists, even when you take heat for your neutrality, which is popularly regarded as a sign of weakness. But JG does something different, a ‘word is worth a thousand picture’ kind of thing, which often manages to work against the incoherency of American arrogance when pragmatic coherence does not. Best regards, thanks for winning and keep up the good work!


  9. Matt says:

    I’m sort of glad that Bitch PhD lost by .1%
    She remains totally anonymous and complains about having to create syllabi for her classes. God save the American educational system!


  10. Bil says:

    Congrats Steve, Brilliant!
    I hope this works better for YOU than the Decider.
    As a fan of the Generals SIR and YOU, I have of course voted for
    both of you until The General made the mistake of linking to the
    Evil BitchPhD, who has terrible posts but pictures of girls bottoms!
    I am weak and now it’s a 3-way. Gruesome.


  11. Sandy says:

    I agree, of course, what a high-quality blog this is…or I wouldn’t
    spend my time here.
    But I do have to question the relevance of this whole “contest” in
    the first place. I mean COME ON!
    How can one take this voting…and outcome…seriously when you
    have obscure, unknown blogs like “Jesus General” and “Bitch Ph.D.”
    the winners? What does the whole WebLog Award amount to,
    then, in the first place?
    Not much!
    Keep up the great work, Steve!


  12. Linda says:

    I like “mission accomplished” in this instance–still the Bush era.
    But next year you have to improve GOTV effort so we rational, pragmatic, and reasonable folks can give you a clear victory.
    We like TWN even though you don’t walk on water. Still to be beaten by Jesus and a bitch….


  13. questions says:

    control c control v
    Seems more up-to-date than “ditto”!!
    I come here to think. Thanks!


  14. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Steve, I regret to inform you that our Indian expert on blog relevance has deemed your blog as too inconsequential to warrant the attention of AIPAC or Hasbara. Further, to presume that your blog is important enough to attract their attention is paranoid and delusional.
    Dang, dontcha just hate it when that happens?
    Keep up the good work, Steve. The fact that I am confident you have the attention of many of the key players is one of the main reasons I post here. I love the fact that odds are, when I call Perle, Bolton, or Frum a scumbag, liar, or monster, they might even hear me.
    And I like the fact that when I point out the regular dose of horseshit that the AIPAC website is prone to foist on its followers, there are undoubtedly AIPAC members that see that some of us are paying attention.
    Or, maybe varanasi is right, and you and your blog are akin to a mouse reading Mad Magazine in an empty auditorium.
    Somehow, I doubt it.


  15. ... says:

    to quote mae west ” what’s that in yer pocket big boy?”
    ditto the above two posts!


  16. Paul Norheim says:

    I have to disagree with the unmitigated horseshit WigWag served
    Just joking:)
    You`re doing a great job, Steve!


  17. WigWag says:

    At the end of the day; it’s not about the quantity of the votes; it’s about the quality of the blog. Based on this criteria, the Washington Note beats all the others hands down.
    The posts are smarter, the web design is clearer and the host is more charming!
    The people who comment here seem to agree on very little. But I know that we all agree that we are grateful to you for providing such an informative and entertaining site.


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