DC Miscelleneous: The Kennedy Clan, SOTU, Cuba, Hagel, and More



I went off of my computer for just a day and a half while up in Montreal — and tons of stuff breaks, including Ted Kennedy’s endorsement of Barack Obama. This is quite significant but for reasons that may not seem as obvious as the press is promoting.

Obama’s Win & Comments on Caroline Kennedy’s Pruned and Clipped Sculpture of JFK’s Legacy



The only thing I can tell definitively after the South Carolina Democratic primary is that John Edwards is out, but I thought that before. But not winning in the state of his birth pretty much seals the deal that Edwards will not live in the White House, at least not next year.

When Not Campaigning in Florida Seems Like it Is



One of the more amusing twists in the Obama-Clinton battle at the moment is how they are both trying to campaign in Florida without technically doing so. While watching the Democratic debates the other night in South Carolina from Washington, DC, I saw my first Obama TV ads.

Mike Huckabee: Everyone’s First Choice for VP on the GOP Ticket



There’s a story that would be less disturbing if not true that George H.W. Bush asked a number of close advisers to send him their lists of who should be on his ticket as VP. Dan Quayle — for whom Bill Kristol was chief of staff — was No. 2 on most of these lists….

Capital Idea: Bring Carnival to DC



Bushlandia, carnival centerpiece in Torres Verdes, Portugal; photo credit: Skip Kaltenheuser Washington, DC is a town that takes itself way too seriously. It depends on Jon Stewart for an injection of levity. Skip Kaltenheuser, a chronicler of carnivals around the world, has just written up his proposal to bring Carnival to Washington.