Measuring How Liberal the Candidates Are



My friend Dave Meyer — one of DC’s best political researchers and a co-conspirator on a number of projects with me — browsed through the scorecard that the National Journal used to produce the result that Senator Barack Obama was the most liberal member of the Senate in 2007.

Pittsburgh and Denver



Members of the global steel cartel used to set steel prices at the Duquesne Club where I enjoyed an interesting evening tonight with board members and donors of the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh. My task was to outline some of the fault lines in foreign policy and how this fits into the various campaigns….

White House Silliness: Whiners Try to Micro-Manage America’s Effective Ambassador to UN



I’m not sure of this, but my hunch is that Zalmay Khalilzad is probably the highest level Muslim in the Bush administration, and he’s brought a skill set of diplomatic dexterity to the Ambassadorial position at the United Nations vacated by John Bolton.

The Sicilian Approach is Un-American



When John McCain lost in 2000 to President Bush, his followers were left to wander in the wilderness during President Bush’s first term. They had chosen the wrong horse and Bush’s loyalty-obsessed handlers wanted to make the McCain team pay. By the time the second term came around, there was some loosening but not much….