Pittsburgh and Denver


Members of the global steel cartel used to set steel prices at the Duquesne Club where I enjoyed an interesting evening tonight with board members and donors of the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh. My task was to outline some of the fault lines in foreign policy and how this fits into the various campaigns.
I had a great evening with an informed crowd — but it is a challenge to discuss all of this without getting overly complex, and mired in detail that many who are not foreign policy junkies don’t follow. Still, it was great to participate in an exchange and hear the serious questions posed by people not into this 24/7 but who take the challenges now seriously.
Tomorrow I’m meeting students and then doing a World Affairs Council lunch in Pittsburgh before returning to Washington.
Then the day after (Friday) between 11:00 am and 11:30 am EST, I will be chatting with Denver’s national public radio station, KGNU, about the various economic proposals of the campaigns which are still standing. The station has live streaming over its site and shows can be downloaded for later listening.
— Steve Clemons


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