Lunch Today with Leonard Weinglass



I don’t know what you are up to today, but if you’d like to have lunch with us at New America, I’ve asked for one of the nation’s leading iconic civil rights figures, Leonard Weinglass, to talk to us about his experiences and perspective representing the “Cuban Five” — five Cuban nationals who were caught…

As the Economy Screams: A Forum with Presidential Campaign Economic Advisers



The Fed just dropped the fed funds rate by 75 basis points — the largest such Fed move since 1982 and the market barely noticed. No matter what the issues were yesterday, it is clear that the economy — domestic and global — is now the biggest political issue today and tomorrow. . .

Quick Update: The Dems Debate, Bill Clinton Bullies (and it may be smart), and World Markets Crash



I’ll be watching the debates tonight closely. Hope all of you will be too. House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) has encouraged Bill Clinton to tone it down but did not say that the former President had crossed the line in his rough-handedness with Barack Obama and his campaign.

Pondering a Post-Martin Luther King Nation



This is a video clip of Barack Obama’s speech yesterday in Atlanta’s Ebenezer Baptist Church — Martin Luther King’s church. I reflected on it here — and despite Obama’s surprising and refreshing critique of intolerance in the African-American community, I still don’t like politicking from churches.