Lunch Today with Leonard Weinglass


I don’t know what you are up to today, but if you’d like to have lunch with us at New America, I’ve asked for one of the nation’s leading iconic civil rights figures, Leonard Weinglass, to talk to us about his experiences and perspective representing the “Cuban Five” — five Cuban nationals who were caught and indicted for spying on American private groups that were allegedly involved in planning terrorist attacks on Cuba.
I’ve been interested in this case because of the seeming imbalance between very harsh penalties imposed on these individuals — and the absence of accountability for Luis Posada Carilles, a known Cuban-American militant who allegedly helped blow up a civilian aircraft in the 1970s.
Weinglass is a fascinating personality and internationally famed civil rights attorney — and the contours of this case are interesting and relevant to the future of US-Cuba relations.
If you are free today and can join us between 12:15 and 1:45 pm at 1630 Connecticut Ave. (7th floor), please let me know. We’ll have sandwiches.
— Steve Clemons


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  1. Mr.Murder says:

    France is supplying UAE/Dubai, and the Sauds, with items right now, on the heels of Bush going there ahead of them. Bush went for a visit and France scores the hookup on the heels of that.
    We’re hooking Turkey up and trying to expressly allow such policy. On the heels of Edmonds’ statements it appears there is an effort from our side to endorse legal wording into the policy now. this could be one way to bail NATO out by providing a chance to put a regional party onto the face of certain security items.
    All items from Bush to garner favor for continued capital to try and bribe the GOP back to the top at home. A dual interest is in how we help bolster regional aims there by continued client status with emerging world powers and traditional regional ones.
    We hook up Turkey for NATO, France can’t get too close in enabling a neighboring state for fear of static in the EU. It also will leverage the Kurds for our interests.
    Dubai is their move to buffer Iran. Sarkozy trying to capitulate traditional hard-liners and loyalists. He boosts Dubai, and we know who has his company HQ there now from our side of the pond, any move that stiffens resolve to an Iranian rival is good from our view.
    It’s pretty complex mixture of concessions, moves designed to retain influence in shaping the outcomes everyone expects as the arms race decentralizes.


  2. Mr.Murder says:

    apologies, Bill R. , you actually support Weinglass as a voice of reason…


  3. Mr.Murder says:

    Nixon was talking on White House tapes abouty Chicago riots…
    the same goons with ties the people Clemons wants a close look at.
    Funny a critic of the thread would show up mentioning the ’68 riots.


  4. Mr.Murder says:

    Thursday, January 24, 2008
    Italy: The Blackshirts are Back
    “The Prodi government has fallen and blackshirts (see picture at the top of this post) have taken to the streets in Rome. If this scares the pants off you, it should.
    Prodi’s misery is all the fault of a certain squirrelly character by the name of Clemente Mastella, a right wing Catholic with sympathies for fascist l’Allianza Nazionale party and a friend of The Mob.
    Prodi’s unwise decision to name him Justice Minister was the result of compromise. The majority governs with a razor thin margin, provided by Mastella’s centrist party, the UDEUR, which had demanded the Defense portfolio but received Justice. Mastella’s wife, who serves in local government in the south, was recently indicted on corruption charges and Mastella himself has been under investigation for corruption and abuse of power since October.
    Mastella resigned a few days ago, setting off such a tumult that there was vote of confidence in the Prodi government. The vote passed in the lower house but failed in the Senate, where the UDEUR abandoned the government. One courageous UDEUR Senator, Cusumano, was mobbed and gagged when he attempted to vote to support the government (middle photo).
    The Berlusconi-led right is positively gleeful to the point that they popped champagne in the National Assembly.
    Dark days ahead.”
    posted by Nur-al-Cubicle
    Bet you that’s why no. 3 at State went away so fast…


  5. Bill R. says:

    Leonard Weinglass, ah yes! He defended the Chicago 8, tried for conspiracy to riot at the 1968 Dem convention just 40 years ago. 1968 was a terrible year of lost hope and defeat. I’m hoping that our 40 years in the wilderness are over and the forces of reaction are spent.


  6. easy e says:

    OPERATION NORTHWOODS (Planned Fake Terror Attacks To Support War Against Cuba)
    Today’s Neocons & PNAC’ers have ensured that yesterday’s failures are not repeated.


  7. Ben Rosengart says:

    Aw, I wish I were in D.C.! It sounds like fun.


  8. Carroll says:

    So many imbalances, so little time.
    Israel approves new housing in Jerusalem
    The Age, Australia – 3 hours ago
    ISRAEL has authorised the construction of nearly 2500 new homes in settlements in annexed East Jerusalem. Palestinians condemned the move, saying it was …
    Israel authorises 2500 new settler homes in Jerusalem AFP
    Municipality plans 40000 new J’lem houses Jerusalem Post
    Gaza emergency
    ReliefWeb (press release), Switzerland – 36 minutes ago
    Israel also froze the transfer of custom tax revenues it collects on behalf of the Palestinian Authority, depriving it from a major source of revenue. …
    Israel’s withholding of maps still hampers demining
    Daily Star – 19 hours ago
    The UN estimates that Israel rained down approximately 4 million bomblets – most US-supplied – onto South Lebanon in the last three days of its summer 2006 …
    RACE FOR THE WHITE HOUSE: Obama backs Israel against Qassams
    Ha’aretz, Israel – 3 hours ago
    “I urge you to ensure that a Council resolution won’t pass that does not “fully condemn” the Qassam attacks on Israel,” Obama wrote. …
    All we have to do balance things out is?


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