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Mark Goldberg and I had a chat about the Law of the Sea Convention and treaty politics in general over at Bloggingheads. There are lots of moving parts right now regarding the Law of the Sea, some of which I hope to report on later.
— Scott Paul


2 comments on “Up at Bloggingheads

  1. Howard Park says:

    Hasn’t the Law of the Sea treaty been pending since 1981?


  2. Skulz Fontaine says:

    Steve? This is off topic and I apologize. Reuters just reported that five more American service personnel were killed today in Iraq. So, Bush’s “surge” is working? Not working? Ridiculously problematic? A hoax of war criminal proportion? Commentary on the failure of mainstream media to accurately give Americans the truth about Iraq? None of the above? All of the above? Is there a section in the Law of the Sea Treaty that will deal with crimes against humanity by lying American presidents?


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