Stop Shackling America’s Interests with Cuba to Fidel and an Anachronistic Cold War Past



When Fidel Castro dies, something fascinating will happen in America. The History Channel will run extensive coverage of Castro’s life. CNN will air over and over again profiles of Castro and the many American presidents he outwitted and survived.

The Weekly Gaff and John Warner’s Wisdom



This is the second “Weekly Gaff,” a feature inspired by Frank Gaffney, who has engineered a campaign of misinformation in the pages of the Washington Times. In last week’s edition, we touched on treaty arch-enemy Senator Jim Inhofe’s attempt to “retrofit unilateralism” and his concession that the arguments against the treaty aren’t actually true.

The Case for Restraint — and Disaggregation



Professor Barry Posen of MIT has received quite a platform in the most recent issue of The American Interest to make “The Case for Restraint” calling for a major rethink and overhaul of American grand strategy. Posen’s closing summary reads: Since the end of the Cold War 16 years ago, Bill Clinton and George W….