Lessons on Chutzpah: Douglas Feith and David Frum



The counter-neocon crowd really should be taking notes on not only the chutzpah of neoconservatives who helped take this nation on a self-destructive course, but on the tactics and vehicles they use. I think that David Frum’s new book and the forthcoming December 10th Bradley Lecture by Douglas Feith deserve particularly close inspection.

Harnessing Doubt & Need: Rice Could Pull Off Something Big in Annapolis



Next Tuesday, a gaggle of nations will meet for one day in the Maryland City of Annapolis to discuss what it will take to generate a comprehensive solution to the Israel-Palestine standoff. The Baltimore Sun caught my comment that in 1786 the Annapolis Convention was a mess.

Live on C-Span Tuesday Morning 10 am EST: The Annapolis Summit: What (Not) to Expect?



Inside sources tell me that the Annapolis Peace Summit to address Israel/Palestine issues will be officially announced tomorrow, and the date will be November 27. The selection of Annapolis as the site for the upcoming Israel/Palestine Peace Summit makes some sense if one were serious about creating a new reality in the Middle East.