Are Mary Matalin and Ken Mehlman Going to Tell John Bolton They Are Uncomfortable with His Dissing President Bush?



Mary Matalin, Ken Mehlman, and Vin Weber are going to be hosting a book party for John Bolton on November 19th. But the anti-Bush administration rhetoric now spewing forth from Bolton is shocking a lot of avid Bush supporters and hitting higher and higher decibel levels.

Biden’s Approach to Pakistan — Perhaps Presidential



In discussing Pakistan on a media conference call today, Foreign Relations Chairman Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) advocated a more nuanced policy attuned to the regional contours and contemporary contingencies than the U.S. political and electoral arena will usually allow.

Teaser from Hagel Speech Responds to Bush on World War III



I’m not supposed to post anything until 11 am, but I’m going to cheat just a little with this quip from Hagel’s speech addressing President Bush’s careless talk about a new world war: Loose talk of World War III, intimidation, threats, bellicose speeches only heighten the dangers we face in the world.

Russia, Pakistan, Iran


TWN has a busy day ahead. I will be listening in to Senator Joe Biden‘s conference call on his “New Strategy for Pakistan” at 11 am. We’ll also be covering Senator Hagel‘s 11 am speech on Iran.

Houston Chronicle Lauds Hagel as “Voice of Reason”



The lead editorial in today’s Houston Chronicle lauds Senator Hagel‘s letter to President Bush, which this blog first released. The editorial starts: One of the most informed and balanced experts on international relations in the U.S. Senate is Nebraska Republican Chuck Hagel.