Russia, Pakistan, Iran


TWN has a busy day ahead. I will be listening in to Senator Joe Biden‘s conference call on his “New Strategy for Pakistan” at 11 am. We’ll also be covering Senator Hagel‘s 11 am speech on Iran.
Then at noon, I’ll be chairing a meeting with former Nixon foreign policy adviser and Nixon Center President Dimitri Simes who will be speaking both about his new Foreign Affairs article, “Losing Russia: The Costs of Renewed Confrontation,” and some new information not yet reported in the media about the content of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s conversation with Iran Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.
And for those interested, here is a good Raw Story write up on a CNN piece I appeared on dealing with Bush’s pretensions about spreading democracy and the problem of dealing with dictators. At the bottom of the piece is a video box that allows you to see the CNN clip.
— Steve Clemons


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