The Weekly Gaff: Washington Times Finally Confirms Insanity


While Frank Gaffney wrote his first column without any reference to the Law of the Sea in nearly half a year, he probably helped pen the lead editorial on the page opposite his column in the Washington Times. The Times makes two main claims against the treaty, neither of which has any legs.

America’s Ugly Allies in Iraq: A Profile of Abu Abed



This article is a must-read according to my friend Nir Rosen on what illusory American success in Iraq is based on. I find these quotes from the piece illuminating: “The Americans lost hope with an Iraqi government that is both sectarian and dominated by militias, so they are paying for locals to fight al-Qaida.

Losing Pakistan: Steve Clemons & Eli Lake Discuss on New York Times/Bloggingheads



This was a nice surprise to wake up to. Eli Lake and I squared off a bit over Pakistan and US foreign policy in general on Robert Wright‘s fascinating medium, BloggingHeadsTV. The New York Times front-paged part of our exchange on its opinion page. Our full discussion is here.