A Tale of Two Reviews


I have no interest in paying $27 for John Bolton’s Surrender is Not an Option, even if he were willing to sign it from me. But I have been enjoying recent reviews of the book.
Mark Goldberg’s take, written for the American Prospect, is especially sharp. As a reporter for the Prospect and my fellow co-contributor to the now fortunately defunct Bolton Watch blog, Mark was at the UN following Bolton’s diplomatic mishaps from recess appointment to resignation. His review provides important context for the events described in the book.
Granted, anything Mark, Steve, my colleagues at Citizens for Global Solutions or I have to say about John Bolton could be viewed as biased. After all, we actively worked to block his nomination. But if that’s true, no one should waste even one second reading “The Courage of Conviction,” a review of Surrender in the New York Sun. It was written by none other than Michael Ledeen, Bolton’s AEI colleague, co-advisor to JINSA, and Iran war cheerleader extraordinaire.
Any truth to the rumor that Messrs. Ledeen and Bolton co-wrote the review at the AEI company picnic?
Of course not. I just started that rumor. But for those readers expecting an impartial review, Ledeen is way too close to Bolton to deliver.
— Scott Paul


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