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I don’t know what Mohammad Ali-Reza does for a living, but I do know that he lives in Tehran and just published a remarkable letter in the Israeli press — mostly remarkable because it appeared in the Jerusalem Post. I’m not as sanguine as him about what the behavior of Iran with nukes would be — but his commentary is not illogical. Worth a read. . .and it’s in the Jerusalem Post(!).
I continue to be intrigued but not quite addicted (yet) to the social networking of Facebook. Former Congressman Jim Kolbe just ‘faced me.’ That had such a different meaning when I was in high school. I was out at Washington College the other day and dined with some students and an octogenarian who was in Bill Donovan’s OSS and then the CIA. The students encouraged him to get on Facebook which he plans to do. Despite some of the silly stuff that could be time-wasting, there are efficiencies achieved with Facebook I hadn’t imagined before.
Sarkozy brought a live blogger with him to DC — and the blogger apparently went to the dinner I didn’t get invited to last night at the White House. More on blogging national security and head of state big shots later. I’ll tell you why France is now converging with the British, but not the Germans.
More later.
— Steve Clemons


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