A Glimpse at America’s Brewing Nightmare with Iran



I suspect that we will soon see more collisions between US military squads and Special Force operations against suspected Syrian and Iranian convoys and personnel — civilian and military — inside Iraq as well as more border interdiction. At some point, these units will go into Syria and Iran to accomplish their “disruption” missions.

Iraq War Profiteers, Neocon Front Operations and White House Friends



Playboy Magazine has a very useful, long article out titled “Lockheed Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” that does a great job of exposing the power of informal networks in Washington and how such informal networks are moving billions of dollars around and teeing up military conflicts like Iraq.

Note from Flynt Leverett: Most Important Parts of Bush Speech About Iran — Not Iraq



(New America Foundation Senior Fellow and Geopolitics of Energy Initiative Director Flynt Leverett: photo credit: NewsHour with Jim Lehrer) I asked former CIA and Bush administration National Security Council senior official Flynt Leverett for a quick summary of his thoughts on President Bush’s Address to the Nation.

Hillary Clinton Says No To Escalation



Hillary Rodham Clinton, who has in the past tried to “out-tough” President Bush in discussion of America’s Middle East challenges, really nails it in her rejection of the President’s escalation proposal last night: Statement of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on the President’s Speech on Iraq “Based on the President’s speech tonight, I cannot support his…

More on Bush’s Not-so-New Plan for Iraq



There is a lot of criticism on the political right and left of the Iraq Study Group report — but all in all, the report does a very good job suggesting that Iraq’s internal problems cannot be addressed without addressing the absence of regional equilibrium.

<em>Fox News</em> Screws Up on Pelosi Day-Off-For-Football Story: Also John Bolton “On” and “Off” the Record



For those who are frequent visitors to The Washington Note, you’d know that my Apple G4 turbo-charged powerbook went on the fritz last week, and I hope to be back up and running with a new hard disk on Thursday this week.

Prospects of a “Terrorist Super-Highway” and Israel’s Recent Military Obsession with Iran



This report is disturbing. I met former General Zvi Shtauber last year at Tel Aviv University’s Institute for National Security Studies and sensed that he was more of a quick hit hawk than a complex strategist.