Nobuo Tanaka to be Next Executive Director of International Energy Agency



A close friend of mine, Nobuo Tanaka, is the Executive Director-elect of the International Energy Agency. I didn’t know much about the agency until I flipped through its website and found quite a number of useful resources on global energy use and climate change related data.

The Gulf States, Iran, and the Price of Oil



The Gulf States with Saudi Arabia in the lead are scrambling to figure out what to do if American power in the Middle East continues to dissipate. One of the tools in their tool kit is to quietly over-supply crude oil into the global market and knock prices down.

People with Real Problems who President Bush Did Not Point to in the Gallery during the State of the Union



I haven’t posted a follow up piece on the broader parts of the President’s State of the Union Address — beyond this foreign policy essay — and I haven’t posted on Senator Chuck Hagel’s impressive and courageous leadership on the Iraq War Resolution this week, as well as Senator Biden’s leadership — because I have…

Hillary Clinton: I Want Staff to Challenge Me



President Bush 41 has given a number of speeches this past year — one recently at the Germany Embassy — but in lots of other places where he goes out of his way to praise the team of people he had around him, particularly Brent Scowcroft, James Baker, and a few others.

<em>The Washington Note</em> Profiled in new Capitol Hill Powerhouse Political Webzine, <em>Politico</em>



This was a nice surprise yesterday. The Washington Note received a terrific write-up in the new Hill newspaper, Politico that has hired so many high-powered DC political writers away from the Washington Post and other publications — including John Harris and Jim VandeHei.

Bush’s Kitchen-Sink Address



The National Interest Online asked for a quick response from me about the foreign policy dimensions of President Bush’s State of the Union address last night. Here is a short article, “Bush’s Kitchen Sink Address” that was published this morning.