Evaluating the President’s Iraq Escalation Proposal



We still need to hear what the President’s speech specifically includes regarding a new strategy for Iraq, but the key question will be whether there are any clear, undisputed benchmarks by which the public can measure the relative success or failure of the President’s plan.

Woodward Book Underestimates Cheney’s Influence



While the book exposed a lot of the systemic rot in the Bush administration’s Iraq-related decision-making process, there were several things wrong with Bob Woodward’s State of Denial. To discuss one of these, Woodward was duped about the diminishing power of Vice President Cheney and his team.

Zalmay Khalilzad to be Next US Ambassador to the United Nations



I do think that this is a good move. Khalilzad, who has been both Ambassador to Iraq and Afghanistan, may have signed a number of PNAC letters, but he is a realist. The situation has deteriorated around him in Iraq — but he knows how to deal in the region.