Ban Ki Moon’s North Korea Challenge



Stephen Handelman has an insightful article on Ban Ki Moon this morning in the Globe and Mail — and not because he quotes some of my blog commentary on Ban. Handelman writes: “I may look soft from the outside,” he has said. “But I have inner strength when it’s really necessary.

North Korea Watch: Fishing a Stream? Or Provoking a War?



The North Korea problem needs management. . .now. While this may sound like a modest incident, it’s very scary. Miscommunication, misunderstanding, escalation, and violence in an already tense situation given North Korea’s seeming determination to hold a nuclear test are possible triggers for a regional conflagration in Northeast Asia.

European Parliament Member Alexander Graf Lambsdorff Outlines Middle East Approach



Yesterday, I hosted a meeting with European Parliament Member Alexander Graf Lambsdorff (and Deputy Chairman of the Free Democracts in the European Parliament) who gave a talk titled: “Europe’s Evolving Stakes in the Middle East.” The meeting was assembled by the New America Foundation/American Strategy Program and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation.

CHALLENGE CHENEY Wherever He Goes: The Handcuffs Are Worth It



Vice President Cheney’s disregard for America’s system of checks and balances and his huff-and-puff advocacy of unilateral military responses to complex national security challenges has really harmed America’s portfolio of interests. He should be challenged every time and every where he speaks.