Why Didn’t Hastert Know? And Why Didn’t He Want to Know It?



Congressman Mark Foley once commented that he was dismayed and disheartened by the tainting of the Presidency by Bill Clinton’s “sexual addiction problem.” What comes around. . . I have not commented much on the blog about this growing scandal about who knew what when in the Mark Foley/Congressional page imbroglio.

Nasrallah’s Big Tent: Cause to Worry



My colleague and friend Nir Rosen has been working his way through some of the more interesting sites and scenes in Lebanon — and trailing along with many Nasrallah groupies to get a fix on the Hezbollah leader’s rise and on the evolving shape of Lebanese politics and identity.

North Korea Nuke Test Threat Connected to Ban Ki Moon



North Korea has announced that it will conduct a nuclear test, and few doubt its resolve to do so. To some degree, the escalating temper-tantrum that North Korea is engaged in has to do with its irritation that the United States is not talking to the failed communist state.