Oakley the Amazing Weimaraner, Geese, and Ducks


(photo credit: Matthew Winters)
For all of the TWN supporters who have sent notes to help assuage the pain I am still in from some seriously deep dental work, thanks much.
I’m in Chestertown, Maryland — trying to get over jaw shock.
But this pic of Oakley the Amazing Weimaraner on the Chester River calms me a bit — though the local ducks and migrating Canada geese are not too pleased with Oakley’s efforts to catch them. . .to be friends.
“Oakley saying hello to his Duck Friends” is my new screen-saver.
— Steve Clemons


11 comments on “Oakley the Amazing Weimaraner, Geese, and Ducks

  1. BaileyF says:

    Tell Oakley I understand completely. I’m trying my best to make friends with the hedgehog that lives in my back garden, but it keeps rebuffing my advances.


  2. Bonddad says:

    Steve —
    Sorry about the dental work.
    I have two Weimars — an 11 YO female named Kate and a 2-3 YO named Sarg. They are a handful, but worth every minute.
    However, I don’t think Oakley wants to be friends.


  3. karenk says:

    Oakley may be saying hello, but it looks like the ducks are saying goodbye!
    Feel better…


  4. Jim Ramsey says:

    Do you have a larger version of that picture more suitable for use as a Desktop background ?


  5. Easy E says:

    Steve, you may want another dose of novacaine.


  6. Steve Clemons says:

    hyperion — many thanks. adjusted the geese identifier! best, steve clemons


  7. HyperIon says:

    nit picky point: Canada, not Canadian, geese.
    my Canadian friends used to mock me mercilessly when i used the incorrect term. perhaps i can spare you this humiliation in future. ;=)


  8. Nell says:

    That is a soothing picture, Steve; thanks for sharing it.
    I came over to add a pointer to the Bolton recess appointment story, but see that word is already out. What a disgraceful regime.


  9. Punchy says:

    I saw this too, Duck. It’s what I’ve feared all along. Bush is incapable of accepting any loss, no matter what it is. So when he actually loses a vote (or the chance at one), he bypasses it.
    Too predictable.


  10. Ducktape says:

    Feel better, Steve.
    While you were out, Think Progress is reporting that Bush is planning a second recess appointment for Bolton. I’m sure they can find somebody like the Heritage Foundation to pick up his salary, or maybe Bush can re-interpret the law so that Bolton can get paid.
    Advice and consent? We don’t need no stinking….


  11. susan says:

    Given his breed, I think Oakley would happily skip the hellos for a chance to dive into the water and retrieve those ducks.
    Hope you feel better soon, Steve.


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