Mark Goldberg: Bolton’s Greeting



He may have been a few miles away from the Bronx, but Bolton was greeted with borough’s eponymous cheer on his first day. Check out Crooks and Liars for the coverage. On a more serious note, I think Chris Preble probably underestimates the danger to American interests that Bolton now poses.

Chris Preble: Power and Security



My baptism-by-fire in the world of political blogs has gone pretty much as I expected. I thought there would be some grudging agreement, some general revulsion, and a few comments like Trip’s. For those of you who agree with Trip’s anxious pleas (STEVE! PULL THE PLUG!!) Steve hasn’t pulled the plug.

Chris Preble: Troubling News



I’m so depressed. I learned of yesterday’s big news when I picked up the paper this morning. I kept reading, and reading again. Then I actually purchased a different newspaper while at the airport, in the hopes that there could be some positive way to spin what had happened.

Nikolas Gvosdev: Bait and switch tactics continue…



I realize that readers of TWN are still absorbing the impact of John Bolton’s recess appointment, but I wanted to shift gears if I might. I was perusing the August 8, 2005 issue of The New Republic and was flabbergasted by its editorial, “Constitutional Crisis.

Mark Goldberg: Bolton? Bring Him On!



With my expressed written permission, let me engage in some shameless self promotion and cross post the following article I wrote over at the American Prospect Online ( today. In it, I do my part to show why John Bolton can no longer be a fifth column at Turtle Bay.