Charging RINO: So the Point Was…?


Well this certainly didn’t take very long. The New York Times reports in Tuesday editions that the major rationale for John Bolton’s recess appointment to the United Nations (“to provide clear American leadership for reform,” President Bush said this morning) is basically a moot point.
Steven Weisman cites a “senior administration official” as saying “Most of the reforms sought by the United States are well on their way to completion.” That “senior administration official,” Weisman says, sought anonymity “to avoid undercutting the rationale for the Bolton appointment.” Another official told Weisman “because so much had been achieved, there was little concern that Mr. Bolton’s combative personality would jeopardize the agenda.”
Great. What an excellent reason to name him ambassador: he probably won’t jeopardize the agenda. Just think what we could have done with someone who might have been able to advance the cause of reform.
If you can, read Weisman’s piece in full.
— Jeremy Dibbell (Charging RINO)