George Bush’s Bolton Mistake


First of all, the guest bloggers on TWN have been stimulating, provocative, and very much worth reading. Thanks to all during these few days I am away.
But I am away, and the White House as all of you know has appointed someone to the United Nations that Americans don’t feel proud of and someone who does not possess the kind of impeccable credentials that America’s Ambassador to the United Nations should carrry.
I am sorry that the President thinks it is appropriate and part of his so-called mandate to over-ride the concerns of some in both parties — yes, both parties — about John Bolton’s “fitness” for this position.
TWN will be watching Mr. Bolton closely, and candidly — while I don’t think that our assessment of John Bolton has been wrong — I would not mind at all if he has miraculously turned over a leaf and becomes, somehow, a great champion both for our country and the general soundness of the United Nations. I doubt it — but the burden is not on me, or any of his critics. The burden is ENTIRELY on John Bolton’s shoulders.
Prove that you are better than your past, Mr. Bolton.
I can’t write more now, but my thanks to guest-bloggers and comment participants for their passionate debate.
More soon.
— Steve Clemons