John Bolton: Modeling Himself on Mr. Nyet?



On Friday, Al Kamen ran a brief clip reporting on one of John Bolton’s first responses to journalists recording and watching his every move. From yesterday’s media stakeout of United Nations Ambassador John R. Bolton : Reporter: “A question on Iran?” Bolton: “No.” Perhaps John Bolton is modeling himself on Andrei Gromyko, the famous “Mr….

<em>The Strategic Class</em> Moves Forward the National Security Debate Democrats Need to Have



Ari Berman’s “The Strategic Class” is making its way around the internet circuit, and the verdict on his piece is that it is compelling and pretty much lays out the reality of the Democratic party’s national security establishment.

John Roberts is No John Bolton. . .



NARAL has just pulled an ad that went overboard in its accusations against Supreme Court nominee John Roberts. Arlen Specter, whom progressives should be courting as an ally in this and future fight regarding justices, wrote NARAL a scathing letter in protest about the piece.

16th Street vs. Ronald Reagan Boulevard



Earlier today, both here at TWN and at TPM Cafe, I noted that WTOP was running a poll based on Congressman Henry Bonilla’s (R-TX) proposal to rename 16th Street in Washington, DC — “Ronald Reagan Boulevard.” At the time, those in favor of the change were leading 58% to 40%.

Elizabeth Turpen: Isn’t it Ironic…



So, here’s my just-in-time submission that will pick up on a couple themes from recent posts. It was an honor to be asked to contribute to TWN in Steve’s absence. I’ve never blogged before, so I await the potentially well deserved keyboard lashings in response to this rant.