Now that John Bolton has his Credentials. . .


TWN is thinking of asking for an interview with him.
We will probably get rejected, but I would like to discuss with him — in a serious way — what his vision is for the United Nations and how it converges or diverges from those in America who despise the institution. They are the ones — on the whole — who supported him. Is he going to abandon his base?
I am grateful for the diverse array of guest-bloggers who, in some cases, did some serious wrestling with TWN readers. But I’m back at the helm — and look forward to breaking some new ground this week. Thanks in particular to Dave Meyer who handled this process brilliantly.
On another note, I live on 17th Street in the Dupont Circle area of Washington, D.C. 16th Street, which runs toward the White House, is just behind me.
Get a load of this latest silly initiative launched by Republican Congressman Henry Bonilla from Texas. He wants to rename 16th Street “Ronald Reagan Boulevard.”
WTOP Radio is running a poll on it and has 58% in favor and 40% opposed.
Hope you all vote.
— Steve Clemons