President Bush, Shameful. . .


It’s hard to know, but I think that Harry Truman would have met Cindy Sheehan. I think that Dwight Eisenhower would have. He knew about military sacrifice — the horror and complexity of it.
The micro life of a soldier — or an Iraqi victim — is lost sometimes against the macro drama, no matter what side of the war people might be on.
I think that Carter would be out there with her. I’m really not sure about Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon — though a hunch tells me that Johnson would have been out there before Nixon and Kennedy.
Ronald Reagan would have stopped his car, if for no other reason that to hold Cindy Sheehan for a few moments, to express the regrets of a nation that her son was lost, and to thank her — even though he might not have made her and many of us believers in this war.
Bill Clinton would have had Cindy in to the ranch and made a summit of it.
George Bush drove by. . .on the way to a fundraiser. Shameful.
He should have stopped, made a gesture — even if she stood on the opposite side of his policies.
— Steve Clemons