John Bolton: Modeling Himself on Mr. Nyet?

On Friday, Al Kamen ran a brief clip reporting on one of John Bolton’s first responses to journalists recording and watching his every move.

From yesterday’s media stakeout of United Nations Ambassador John R. Bolton :
Reporter: “A question on Iran?”
Bolton: “No.”

Perhaps John Bolton is modeling himself on Andrei Gromyko, the famous “Mr. Nyet” who said ‘No’ more often than anything else starting in 1946 when he went as the Soviet Ambassador to the U.N. followed by nearly three decades as the USSR’s Foreign Minister.
Maybe Bolton’s calculation is that if he follows the Gromyko model — disagreeable temperament included — he may continue to work his way up the political ladder.
Secretary Bolton? Good thing we have a democracy to stop him.
— Steve Clemons