MAJOR SCOOP: Assistant Secretary of State Bill Burns & Libya the Subjects of One Bolton NSA Intercept Request



John Bolton so irritated British negotiators who were working on a resolution to Libya’s WMD programs that they asked the American team on Libya to remove John Bolton from the case. Bolton was dropped.

Rove Says Bolton Now “Encumbering” Position. . .But What Does He Mean?



John Bolton has now been displaced by the newly confirmed Under Secretary of State for International Security and Arms Control Robert Joseph — himself a bit controversial for having worked hard to insert the “Niger Uranium claim” into the President’s State of the Union Address.

Opponents Gaining Ground on Bolton: Republican Senators Scrounging Quietly for More Reasons to Oppose



Let’s work that Senate vote count again. . . 41 Senators (less Frist) voted against cloture on Bolton. Mark Pryor and Mary Landrieu bring those opposed to Bolton to 43. Inouye — who was absent — makes it 44. George Voinovich and John Thune bring the Nays to 46.

Monomaniacal? Maybe so. . .or Maybe Just Focused? Open Thread. . .



Open thread time. You commenters have been impressing me, and educating me. Many thanks. Just as interesting side point, I really do like The Belgravia Dispatch. It’s straightforward, pulls no punches — and agrees with TWN about half the time — which makes things interesting.

Bush and Cheney are Sacrificing the Funding Requirements of American Soldiers and Defense Needs to “Punish” John Warner for Position on Judges. . .and Potentially, John Bolton



Yes, I know, Senator John Warner was supposed to introduce John Bolton at his first day of confirmation hearings before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee but was detained and later had his full introductory statement read into the record.

The Schedule Ahead: First Chance to Reconsider Bolton Will Be Wednesday, June 8



The first “order of business” when the Senate comes back into session on Monday evening will be debate on the judicial nomination of Janice Rogers Brown. (For a refresher, click here.) Debate should continue through Tuesday, and we’ll see if the “deal” on judges and judicial nomination filibusters holds or not.